Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have a presentation tomorrow and the day after and I
think it's really hard, because just before you have to
do it you get all nervous. Perhaps that's only me, but
I really hate it, still I love preparing it.

EV Fenton

Sunday, February 14, 2010


A block, it's a thing.
everything you see is a made out of blocks.
Loads and loads of blocks with each other forms
a thing.

EV Fenton

Saturday, February 13, 2010


What is literature? Why is it so good?
What is so special about it?

I have no idea, but I'm trying to find
out, do you know?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The picture at the top of my page is Lund,
the small village where my grandfather used
to live, it was one of my favorite places in
the world. I think second place at the moment,
but when I'm there it immediately goes to the
first place upon my list. I love the feeling
there and every time I sit there on the sofa
I get great memories of my family with Christmas
of my Grandmother (now past) and of my Grandfather
whom I love.
Do you want to know what my favorite place on earth
is? Do you?
It is my roof, don't tell my parents because I
can't come up there actually, but when I do, I get
an enormous kick, it feels great!
Lund that feels different, there I feel special,
here on my roof I feel overmastered and incredible
special at the same time. It feels like, having a fifth

Thank you,
EV Fenton.


O gosh, i felt sick today, I really wanted to go home, but
I didn't and I'm very proud about that. Because that means
that I'm not a wimp and that I can sustain the pain for a
long time, perhaps you think I'm a bit to overexcited, but I
really felt terrible.

The last hour of school were very hard, because I couldn't

Here is a poem in Dutch, that I wrote last night on the roof of
my house it was very terrifying, sorry that's in Dutch, but it's
for an assignment.

Vanaf mijn dakje in Overveen zie ik de toren van de Oude Kerk als de Eifeltoren staan, hoog, machtig en vol belicht.
Met op de achtergrond plaats delict.
Ik kijk omhoog:
Het zijn de wolken die met razende snelheid langs mij gaan en zich voordoen als een grote god en dan mij vergezellen met bakken van vocht.
De sterren die om aandacht vragen, vele lichtjaren ver weg.
De wind die mij weg wil jagen uit deze hels, maar mooie plek.
Wat wil de nacht mij aandoen, wat sta ik nog tegoed?
De wolken die mij bang maken zullen altijd blijven staan,
toch roepen de sterren: ‘Er is meer nog, wat je verkennen zal gaan.’

Vanaf mijn dak.
Phantom. (nickname)

EV Fenton

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First I want to say that i'm sorry that i haven't been
here on my blog last week, but I had an awful lot of
homework. And school comes first, and that's what I
want to talk about:


Isn't it so that school comes first, then sports and then
party's and other social stuff; but I've heard that at the
top university's they always look for the people that are very
good at speaking and having good conversations, don't you
learn that at party's where you talk with people about everything
that has happened the las few days. At school you learn to always
learn to be silent and listen to the teacher; but is the teacher
always right and do wee as children learn more if we only listen
and learn what is good and what isn't? Perhaps it's better if we
debate everything and talk a lot with other people, because talking
is the thing where children are good at. And listening and sitting
still is what they are bad at.
This is my point of view, but you can always leave a comment and
say that what i'm saying is utterly wrong.

P.S. Almird is coming soon, sorry for the delay.

EV Fenton

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm getting an iPhone
from my parents. I like the iPhone very much, I'm getting
an 16GB 3GS. The only thing is that the next generation is
coming and that iPhone is going to be really good.
Here some things that are going to be new on the next generation